Sleepy Relax: the natural sleeping aid for a satisfied and balanced baby

“Sleep my child, sleep …“ – since ancient times children are sung to sleep with lullabies. But what to do when classical methods like these are not sufficient to calm a restless or crying baby?

Rocking movements are one of the keystones of baby calming. Gentle rocking not only facilitates falling asleep in a shorter time but also helps get into deeper sleep faster, brain researchers found out. The Sleepy Relax sleeping aid is harnessing these scientific findings: with its special swing system it turns the cot in the twinkling of an eye into a gentle cradle – and that in the baby’s own frequency. Just fasten the Sleepy discs without complicated technology to the cot – that’s all there is to it.

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3 reasons why your child will enjoy Sleepy Relax:

  1. It feels more balanced when it can fall asleep faster and better and more often can sleep longer periods at a stretch.
  2. The beneficial effects of rocking on the equilibrium organ can help get better through phases of pain as the dreaded 3 month colic.
  3. Sleepy works with any bed without wheels and requires no electricity.

The cot turns into a cradle …

Enough sleep noticeably contributes to the balance of your baby and benefits its healthy development. When the baby can fall asleep better and increasingly can sleep for longer stretches, you as parent(s) will have more time to get to sleep too. Finally, sleep is also for you an important resource to cope with the daily demands. Sleepy Relax can help turn possible sleep problems into a win-win situation for the whole family. So why not give it a try?

Enthusiastic parents about their experiences in trying the Sleepy sleeping aid with their children

We can even lay him in the cot awake and calm him by means of the Sleepy sleeping aid so that he falls asleep alone. That would have been unthinkable before.

Christina, Mum of Max

I had a bit of normality in this early stage of being a mum! Thanks to the Sleepy sleeping aid, a regular daily routine has evolved within a few weeks because she was simply sleeping longer periods at a stretch. During the night, the sleep phases have extended significantly too!

Kathrin P., Mum of Margaret

What has improved significantly by means of the Sleepy sleeping aid is falling asleep. He mostly rocks himself to sleep 🙂

wiju11, Dad of Ronan

Ordering the Sleepy Relax sleeping aid

Improve your child’s sleeping behaviour now. Sleepy works with the baby’s own physiological oscillations as a starting point and turns its cot into a gentle cradle. With enough sleep your child is more rested, happier and has an important resource for a healthy development.

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That’s what doctors and experts say about Sleepy Relax

In tests with so-called problem children, the Sleepy sleeping aid performed successfully: 6 out of 10 babies could fall asleep faster, 7 out of 10 babies could even sleep longer periods at a stretch.
– in Stern.TV Test

“By means of Sleepy a child becomes independent very early in terms of rhythm and finds its own natural frequency of vibration. That the Sleepy discs shorten the time to fall asleep noticeably and support the ability to sleep longer periods at a stretch, thus becomes explainable. And of course such children will be more balanced.”
– Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke, physician, psychotherapist and author

“We had performed a test with the oscillating system ‘Sleepy’ in our children sleep laboratory for Stern-TV. The positive test result that you relatively fast come into a deep sleep phase with the Sleepy sleeping aid and that the nap at noon is of quite good quality from a sleep medical perspective induced us to use the Sleepy system in our children’s hospital.”
– Dr. med. Alfred Wiater, head physician at the children’s clinic within the hospital “Krankenhaus Porz am Rhein” in Cologne

The Sleepy Relax sleeping aid – made in Switzerland

The patented Sleepy Relax sleeping aid is particularly suitable for restless, bad sleeping babies and toddlers. It can easily be fastened to all beds without wheels.

Research has shown that the human body never rests. Even in sleep, the body is constantly trying to swing in a very individual frequency. This oscillation is e.g. caused by cardiac activity, breathing and by blood and lymphatic circulation. When lying on a firm surface, for example on a normal mattress, the body is constantly prevented from swinging freely. That affects especially the activity of the heart, breathing, and thus the circulatory system. The result: in the course of time various disorders may occur.

By means of Sleepy Relax the bed resonates and amplifies the vibrations additionally. How does this technology work? A swing system, originally developed for the aerospace industry, is the centrepiece of the patented Sleepy sleeping aid. It ensures that the bed can swing losslessly in the natural frequency of the body. The vibrations are even amplified by Sleepy as it gets into resonance with this frequency.

Sleepy Relax can be used for any child. The patented technology of the Sleepy sleeping aid adjusts itself. It works without electricity or external power supply. Sleepy Relax is unique – premium quality made in Switzerland.

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